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Welcome to the Home Retention Department of Amerihope Alliance Legal Services.

We have perfected loan modification processing. We help people who can't qualify for a traditional refinance by negotiating with their lender to help make their current payments affordable. We are NOT a refinance company, so the usual restrictions (credit, equity, debt-to-income ratios) do not apply. We are professional, honest, experienced, and dedicated to our modifications’ successes. We have an extremely high success rate and pleased clients throughout the country. Our turn-around time is usually 60-180 days and sometimes longer.

We would like to offer our services to process your loan modifications. You collect the necessary information, pass it along to us, and we take over from there. We will take each modification through the processing steps in their entirety. By letting us to perform this service for you, you eliminate the stress, the time, the frustration, and the guess work from the process and are free to concentrate your time and energy on your life. We are also able to offer clients an invaluable resource when traditional refinancing does not work.

Amerihope Alliance is staffed with only the most experienced and professional paralegals. They are personable, knowledgeable and hard working. Our department has a respected and untarnished reputation with the country’s lenders and we are proud of all the work we do. We try to form positive relationships with every lender we speak to. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, and we take great pride in our unsurpassed success rate and turn-around time.

Our Paralegals

Our processing staff is familiar with the calculations that each bank uses to determine eligibility for loan modifications. We know the floor rate that each bank will allow, and what is required to submit in order to get a loan modification approved. With the government's failed rescue plan, there is now an even stronger need to have a company that has proven expertise and experience on aggressive loss mitigation efforts.

How To Get Started

If you are a homeowner whose file we are processing click here to access your file status on our 24/7 Online System. If you are a homeowner looking for assistance with your mortgage, please visit our contact page for information regarding your unique case or email for more information.